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Hiking Feldberg, the highest peak in the Black Forest

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Freiburg certainly lives up to its reputation as Germany's sunniest city with the long, hot stretches of summer weather we've been enjoying. This past weekend we took full advantage of a rare overcast day and set off with our friends Ashley and Austin to hike Feldberg, the highest peak in the Black Forest with a height of 1,493 m. We hopped on a train from Freiburg to Titisee, a small lakeside town popular among tourists, and from there a bus to the town of Feldberg.

If you're travelling to Feldberg with a group be sure to check out the REGIO24 mobile ticket through Freiburg's transit app, VAG Mobile. A REGIO24 ticket costs only 12,86 € and allows you to travel in a group up to five people for 24 hours by bus or train - it's a great deal!

Like most scenic areas in Germany there is a myriad of routes around Feldberg to explore, meaning you'll be able to find a trail that suits your comfort level. You can hike a 12.5 km loop around the alpine lake Feldsee, take a mix of paved, dirt and forested trails or even enjoy a gondola ride to the top.

We quickly jumped off the paved road in favour of something a bit more technical and we snaked our way up a rocky path surrounded by swaths of beautiful, purple fireweed. Along the path we were greeted by some suspicious sheep standing guard at the edge of their meadow, watching hikers with a wary eye.

Reaching the first peak, we took in the view of the lake and the hills below stretching into the distance. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Alps.

Sounds of cow bells filled the air as we made our way towards the second peak along more farmland. Off in the distance we could see the golden hillsides cut in half by a single footpath worn from centuries of pilgrimages.

Normally nothing will beat the view from the top, but the hike back down the other side of Feldberg was even more astonishing. Our chosen path took us further along the ridge before leading us through meadows and deeper into the forest.

Of course, no hike in Germany would be complete without a stop off for a cold beer. We enjoyed some bright and crisp beers brewed locally by Rothaus at the hillside biergarten at St. Wilhelmer Hütte.

Photo captured by Ashley Hynes

Cheers to a great hike with even better friends! Are you planning to add Feldberg to your bucket list now? Let me know in the comments!

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